Shiny happy sweater

This was an experience: I decided to do some sweater math and make this with different needles and yarn and well, the math didn’t work. I ended up way more stitches than I wanted, and it was a slog to finish it off — I went off pattern, and liberally used K2tog to make it work. But — surprisingly, and even with the six trillion mistakes - it turned out quite well and is my size. It has the feel I wanted: a cozy, 1980s-esque sweater. The original (and far nicer) pattern is here.

Am currently making a scarf and will finally get onto the Petite Knit Balloon Cardigan next!

Knitting: what's next?

I’ve mostly been knitting small projects. I made a hat recently, bound it off, and had taken photos – with perfect lighting! - when I realised there was some kind of yarn tension. I think I had woven in one of the ends with a stitch, and I thought I would snip it free.

Big mistake. Huge. I cut a stitch. The stitch caused a hole. Now I have a hat with a hole. Anyway, I’ve started again – at least it’s a small project and knits up in a day.



I made a sweater! It was based off this pattern by Isabelle Kraemer. My version is in navy and grey. I have wanted a navy sweater for a long time. I spectacularly messed up one of the sleeves because the stitches fell off the DPNs more times than I’d like to count. The second sleeve is okay, and while I could try and redo the messed up sleeve I think I’ll figure it out closer to sweater weather.

This is the sweater I’m going to attempt next. So for a long time my closet comprised of high-waisted pants and tucked-in polka dot shirts (how I wish I’d known of the French tuck then). Last year I bought a pair of slacks-style high-waisted pants from Uniqlo and now I am convinced that this sweater is the only thing I need [for winter]. I haven’t started it yet because after the last DPN/sweater disaster, I’m not looking forward to struggling with DPNs.


But… I had a fair bit of practice with DPNs by knitting a trial sock – which is 1) yellow 2) will only fit Shrek if he’s ever stopping by 3) has a heel and toes and everything! (I used this extremely helpful tutorial!) I really want to make more socks now (in human sizes) so my next project will either be a pair of socks or the sweater or my unending quest to use the purple/yellow/pink variegated yarn in my stash…

This week in smog and stitches

Since my last massive scarf I've knitted a couple of wonky hats, a bag, a pouch, and another scarf. The scarf used the tumbling moss blocks pattern, which I really liked because of the methodical repetitiveness of 20 rows and seeing the pattern form.

In December, I bought some angora wool in a shop in Antalya (I learned the word for wool in Turkish is yün!) and when I say some I mean I bought six balls of yarn with wild dreams of all the things I would make. I'm making a Noro striped scarf-inspired version, holding two strands of the yarn together. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to use it.I'm then going to finally start a sweater, which I am mostly terrified about.


I am currently in Lahore, or more accurately, I am currently holed up in a room in Lahore since I caught some bug right after I arrived, which coupled with the toxic air has destroyed me. I now have a hacking cough not unlike that of the soundtrack of a horror film.

This is the air quality here. Delightful.



On work: I am not quite sure what I'm doing next. I have some projects that have been on hold that I'm hoping to start up again. I've been working my way through the back-end prep section of Launch School which has been really fun and forced me to engage with the concepts in a very different way. I've done some intro to Python work as well as FreeCodeCamp, but this feels like a more immersive experience.


Things I have heard/read/liked: I started reading Michael Pollan's book on psychedelics but I haven't picked it up again since the life-sapping cough. The Assassination - a podcast by Owen Bennett Jones on his investigation into the murder of Benazir Bhutto - is excellent. (There is a great line in there about BB criticising the coffee Jones served to her.) I am also just finishing the first season of Slow Burn about Watergate. And I’ve been binge-watching Brooklyn 99 and it is so, so good and I have not laughed (and coughed!) this much in YEARS.