d(Up)atta in the Air

From a Senate Q&A, 2010

*Prof. Khurshid Ahmed: (Notice received on 25-05-2010 at 17:00 p.m.) Will the Minister for Defence be pleased to state: (a) the number of air hostesses deputed on national flights of PIA as of 30th April, 2010 with province-wise break up indicating also the number of those appointed on regular basis and contract basis separately;

(b) the date on which new dress for the said air hostesses was introduced; and (c) whether any special instructions have been issued to the said air hostesses about the new dress, if so, its details?

Ch. Ahmed Mukhtar:

(a) Requisite details mentioning the total number of air hostesses in PIA as of April 30, 2010 with province wise breakup and also the mode of appointment (contractual or regular) is attached Annexure ‘A’.

(b) The new uniform was launched on 29-01-2004 with the induction of B-777 Aircrafts to P1A’s Fleet. (c) There are 3 colours of uniform FIunter’s Green, Terracotta and Mustard with Floral Dupatta to match the Floral “Braid” on the uniform. Every Female Crew is issued with 3 colour uniforms and they have a choice to wear which ever colour they prefer, however, they have been asked to coordinate with each other on International Flights to ensure a variety of colour uniforms to be worn on the same Flight.

- 27 July 2010, Senate Q&A


From February 2018

Senator Mufti Abdul Sattar of the JUI-F told Jalil, who was wearing her customary sari, that an "able and intellectual" woman like her should have an "appearance like Muslims".

"It is mandatory in Islam for women to cover all parts of their body except the face, hands and feet," preached Sattar.

"God has raised you to this status, you should become a role model for other women," he added, before going on to wonder: "What message will it send when the footage [of this meeting] is aired on TV?"

- Dawn